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Susan Laurie was a hopeless alcoholic. She had resigned herself to an early death as she simply could not stop drinking, despite multiple attempts at Alcoholics Anonymous, hypnotherapy, counselling sessions, and stints in rehab.

Something that had started so innocently was now killing her, and it had already stripped her of every ounce of dignity and self-respect and the respect of everyone around her. Frightened and alone, she had one final desperate search for something- or someone- that could help her.

This is her story of conquering alcoholism forever, and it is essential reading for anyone concerned about their drinking or the drinking of someone they care about.

Susan Laurie



There are many people like I was, who have reached that heart-breaking realisation that they have failed to ‘conquer’ their alcoholism and to remain sober after attempts at rehab, AA meetings, SMART Recovery, Counselling – the list goes on. I know the overwhelming feelings of guilt, shame and fear that consume you when you have had your last ditch attempt at AA or rehab and started drinking again, throwing away in a couple of seconds the trust and hope of those who love you, that took many months to earn. I still vividly remember how absolutely gut-wrenching it is to run out of options and actually begin to accept that you are going to die from something that started as such a blast; something which at first seemed so innocent and normal.


For those people in the absolute depths of despair, feeling scared and alone, I have written this book. Reading this, I want you to imagine me holding your hand, looking you in the eye, and telling you to never give up hope, because I was where you are now. 

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